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A Letter from Pastor Jay and Melanie
Since its humble beginning in a house basement in 2004, The Refuge Church has experienced unusual favor from the Lord. This favor has given us the capacity to sow generously into local ministries and around the world. We have impacted Cabarrus County in many ways, witnessed thousands make commitments to Christ, and endeavored to be the Church and not just do church.

In His timing and continued favor, God has placed an opportunity before The Refuge to expand its influence for the Kingdom. Adjacent to the main campus is Camp Cabarrus, which has served as the Boy Scout Camp since the mid-1930’s. We have acquired the thirty-six acres and will begin developing the Life Campus at The Refuge.

What an opportunity to leave a legacy, touch multiple generations, and make history! It will take all of us working and sacrificing together to see the goal reached and the Kingdom of God expanded in a significant way.

It is time to move FORWARD! The Refuge will move the rich history and legacy of the Boy Scouts FORWARD by training, mentoring, teaching, and ministering to boys and girls, youth, and families. We look FORWARD, beyond ourselves, beyond today, to the generations yet to come. We will help our city and region move FORWARD by providing a place where everyone can benefit.

Melanie and I, along with our family, staff, and leaders are excited about partnering with you and many others to see this dream become a reality, all for the GLORY OF HIS GREAT NAME!

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