We have moved to a new giving platform & we think you'll love it!
We believe giving should be simple, secure, and accessible. Now you can give online OR from a device in a matter of seconds. Need more info? Check out the video and FAQs below!
Your continued support to our missions makes all the difference. You can schedule a one-time or recurring gift towards missions here.
We believe that orphan care is central to the heart of God. As we grow in our awareness and understanding of the Gospel, we are compelled towards the vulnerable. Our desire at The Refuge is to mobilize the church to care for the orphans.
If you are looking to GIVE towards students, student trips, or ministry school students (RDS), you can access them all in one, simple location. For your convenience, student related PAYMENTS are also found on the students' link.
Miscellaneous payments are reserved for non-student related trips and events throughout the year.
What are the current giving options for Tithes & Offerings?
At The Refuge, we want to keep giving as simple and streamlined as possible. Currently, you can give:
  • By check or cash
  • Online
  • Through The Refuge Mobile App
  • Through the giving kiosk
  • By texting "refugegive" to 77-977
  • What is considered a "recurring" gift? And how do I know if I need to take action?
    A recurring gift is a gift that is created by the giver to occur automatically on a set schedule (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) using a debit card, credit card, or bank account. This can be set up, adjusted, or cancelled at any time by the giver to best fit their needs.

    If you set up a recurring gift using our old giving platform (Subsplash), you will need to cancel it with the instructions below.
    How do I cancel my old recurring gift?
    Prior to using Pushpay, The Refuge had two ways to give recurring gifts. Please see the instructions below to determine which method is applicable for you:

    CLICK HERE to access Subsplash (Previous App Based Giving Platform found on The Refuge Mobile App).

    -Click the user icon on the top right corner. This will take you to the login page where you can enter your login credentials.
    -Select 'Recurring Gifts' from the list of options, and all recurring payments will be displayed on their own line. Click on each gift individually (if more than one exists).
    -Select 'Remove'.
    -Once your 'Recurring Gifts' list is empty, you have successfully removed your gift(s)!

    CLICK HERE to access InFellowship (Previous Web Based Giving Platform found on the The Refuge Website).

    -Enter your login credentials.
    -Select the "Giving Tab" in the top, left corner.
    -Your 'History' will default on the screen. Select the 'Schedules' tab, and any recurring/scheduled gifts will appear.
    -Select your gift.
    -Select 'Delete this schedule' in the bottom, left corner.
    -Repeat this process if more than one recurring/scheduled gift exists, until you see the confirmation 'No giving schedules found".
    How can I set up a recurring tithe/offering AND support a mission?
    You are welcome to set up recurring gifts towards both tithes/offerings and missions, however, they will need to be set up separately. The reason for this is that these categories are separate entities on our giving platform. Follow the links online or on the app to reach the separate landing pages and schedule your gifts regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to watch the videos for support or contact our office with questions.
    Can I give towards a specific missionary that is not listed on the drop down menu of the Missions Giving Link?
    Yes! The Missions Giving Link contains a drop down of some of the missionaries that our church supports, however, the list is not all encompassing. For this reason, we created an option that reads "Other- Please designate in Memo field". By entering their name and/or cause, you can tell us who you are giving towards.
    How do I access my giving statement?
    CLICK HERE to access the giving statement login page.
    This links to the login screen for InFellowship, our Church Management site. You might be familiar with this site if you previously gave online OR currently use the online small groups feature. If you have already set up an account, you can simply login. If you have not previously created an account, please follow the steps below.

    For new users:
    -Select 'Sign Up'. Please Note: You will want to ensure that your first and last name along with your email address match the information we have on record, as not to create a duplicate account.
    -You will receive an activation link via email, which you will use to activate your account and login.
    -Once you are logged in, you will select 'Your Giving' from the main menu. This will default to the current year's giving history. You can adjust the year based on your needs and/or download your statement.
    -If you do not see your full giving history, it is possible that a duplicate account has been created. Do not worry, this is an easy fix! Simply contact our office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will promptly assist!