The Great Adventure is our children’s ministry at The Refuge. It is a place for our elementary age students in grades 1-5 to join us on an adventure of learning and journeying through narratives in the context of the Bible. Each week our kids are creatively led in the great adventure of growing closer to God through worship, creative expression, games and teaching. We desire to help them develop a lifestyle of Christianity and effective ministry NOW while they are young so they can grow up into God’s plan for their lives and fulfill their destinies.
Little Explorers is our ministry for children ages 0-5 years old at The Refuge! Your kids are a BIG DEAL to us, and though we want them to have a blast while they are with us, we take their spiritual growth, safety, and well-being very seriously. From drop off to pick up, your child will be engaged in a full, age-appropriate service, worshiping and learning about God and His great ways while you are in your service doing the same! Your Little Explorers leaders are a group of trained, volunteer staff who love kids and have committed their time to providing the best church experience possible!
Refuge Kids hosts both annual and ongoing events we would love for you be a part of.
How can I volunteer to serve in Refuge Kids?
There are many different ways to get connected and volunteer with Refuge Kids! CLICK HERE to apply.
What are the different roles I can volunteer for?
REFUGE KIDS CHECK-IN Be the first person people see in Refuge Kids! Duties include: assisting families with checking in on the computer, greeting and assisting any new families as they check their kids in, ensuring security for the kids by only allowing those with a nametag to go into Refuge Kids, monitoring the doors, etc.

LITTLE EXPLORERS VOLUNTEER (BIRTH TO 5 YEARS OLD) Love on babies and young kids! Duties include: holding babies, playing games, serving snack, teaching little lessons, taking kids to the playground, changing diapers, reading books, and loving on kids!! The rooms are separated by age, Tweeters 0-1 year, Waddlers 1 year, Scooters 2 years, Jumpers 3 years, Climbers 4-5 years!

THE GREAT ADVENTURE VOLUNTEER (ELEMENTARY) Come to the The Great Adventure and spend time with the elementary aged kids of The Refuge! Duties include: greeting kids as they enter the room, ensuring all kids are safe and stay in TGA, assist with set up or tear down of the room, listen to kids say their verses, pray with kids, dismiss kids and checking tag numbers, etc.

SPECIAL NEEDS INCLUSION Special needs kids are important to us and it is our desire that they are able to come and experience the life in Refuge Kids! Any kid with special needs will be given a buddy to stay with them while they attend their class. No prior experience is necessary to be a buddy as we will train you, all you need is a desire to love on kids! Duties include: being a buddy to a specific child with special needs, building a relationship with the child and family, staying with the child in their classroom unless they are needing time away from other kids, loving on them, etc.
Does The Refuge offer Special Needs Inclusion?
It is our desire to come alongside families who have children with special needs or medical concerns, so that all children are able to participate in our children's ministry programming and give parents the freedom to worship and serve.

Every child is unique and it is our desire to work with each family to come up with the best way that our church can serve and teach each one. Our Special Needs Inclusion Ministry seeks to include your child in their age appropriate ministry by having individual accommodations and one-on-one shadowing.

Special Needs Inclusion is available at Main Campus during both the 9 and 11AM services. You must complete the Questionnaire (below) and Register (below) in order to begin the process. Please contact us with any questions you may have

CLICK HERE to complete the questionnaire.
CLICK HERE to register.