Awake , awake , O Zion, clothe yourself with strength. Put on your garments of splendor, O Jerusalem, holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion. Isaiah 52:1-2


We believe that God is calling the Church to awaken to her place of power and calling. The focus of Awakened is to equip women with the necessary resources to walk in a complete freedom to receive that call … no matter what phase of life they find themselves.




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Awake My Soul: An Awakened Worship Event
Join us for a night of worship and ministry with Sarah McMillan, Molly Williams and Tammy Shay
$5 registration fee, and $10 at the door
Register HERE for the event
**Childcare is available for single mothers, but you must register HERE by the Monday prior to the event.** 



Over the last several years, our monthly worship encounters have continually grown as hundreds of women from all over the county gather to worship together and hear challenging messages from Pastor Teri Furr. During these events, we continue to bless our single moms through gifts and by providing childcare. Join us on the following dates at 7PM.


January 25th- 7pm, Auditorium- Awakened 2018 Kick-Off Service

March 8th- 7pm, Auditorium- Special Guest Maria Durso

May 3rd7pm, Auditorium- Awakened Service with Tammy Shay Thanand Teri Furr

May 5th9am- Awakened Outreach- Love Life Charlotte Women's Day

June 14th- 7pm, Auditorium- Awakened service with Christa Smith and Tammy Shay

August 30th- 7pm, Auditorium- Awakened Worship Encounter with Special Guests Molly Williams, Sarah McMillan, and Tammy Shay

October 11th- 7pm, Auditorium- Awakened Worship Encounter

December 13th- 6:30pm, Auditorium- Awakened Christmas Event

**Childcare is available for single mothers, but you must register HERE by the Monday prior to the event.**








One Thursday morning of each month, we provide ladies with an opportunity to cultivate their relationship with God, and with each other. We enjoy a time of worship, a short teaching, and prayer in small groups. Join us on the following dates at 10AM in the Auditorium:

 January 4th

Feburary 1st

March 1st

April 12th

May 10th

June 7th

July 12th

August 9th

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

December 6th

**Childcare is available, but you must register HERE by the Monday prior to the event.**









Monday Morning prayer is a gathering of women who desire to pray for their families, the church and others while growing in community. Though instructional at times, the atmosphere is informal in that we seek God's heart and trust Him to lead and direct our prayers each time. Join us from 9am to 11am each Monday. Childcare is provided.








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