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October 19th-21st






“They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” - Revelation 12:11



Christ Tabernacle - Glendale, NY


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The Belonging Co - Nashville, TN


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The Refuge - Charlotte, NC


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The Ramp - Hamilton, AL


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Fire Church - Charlotte, NC


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For Mercy's Sake - NY




Thursday, October 19th

5:30pm – Registration
6:30pm – Doors Open
7pm – Opening Session

Friday, October 20th
9:15am – Registration
10:00am – Morning Session
1:30 - 4:30pm – Breakout Sessions
5:30pm – Registration
7:00pm – Evening Session

Saturday, October 21st
9:15am – Registration
10:00am – Closing Session

*Cafe and merchandise area open with registration.




A word from Teri Furr …

I feel very stirred about the breakout sessions we have lined up for the conference. I believe that the Lord highlighted each of the women of God who will be sharing and I couldn’t be more excited about this part of the conference.

You will have the opportunity to choose 3 of the following 6 sessions that we are offering on Friday afternoon. We will video record all of the sessions, so you will have the opportunity to view them all as a part of our conference video package.

Please make every effort to be a part of this …



Stories: The Life of a Prophet
Dawn Sweigart

Dawn is a gifted teacher, counselor, and minister of the gospel. Dawn is also a dear friend of The Refuge and received as a prophet in this house (as well as many other houses around the country). Dawn, along with her husband Bob, founded For Mercy's Sake in 2001 to call the Bride to walk in greater holiness, mercy, and power. Dawn has labored in many places throughout the world to see this cry answered, and carries an ongoing burden for and ministry in the nation of Romania.

Session Description:
Just as Samuel was removed from everything he knew in order to dwell in the House of God and learn His voice (and was by this means consecrated as a prophet), the Lord wants a people who will forsake all (culture, pleasure, popularity) for the sake of knowing Him. In this session, Dawn will share out of her own journey and in so doing invite others into a more intimate relationship with the voice of the Lord.



Stories: The Life of a Spiritual Warrior
Stephanie Petrunich

Stephanie is a powerful intercessor, teacher, and leader. She is also the team pastor over prayer at The Refuge. There is a unique calling on Stephanie’s life to journey with people through their darkest hours. She carries a special anointing to not only wage war for others, but to equip them to fight spiritual battles themselves.

Session Description:
As believers, we need to understand that we are in a spiritual battle. But more than that … we need to understand that we have all that we need in Christ to overcome the enemy. In this session, we will explore the weapons that we have available to us and how to use them to tear down enemy strongholds (of fear, depression, etc.). Stephanie will share the ways that the Lord has equipped her for this in her own life as well as in her ministry to other people.



Stories: The Life of an Influencer
Brynn Lettieri

Brynn is a brilliant speaker, leader, and youth pastor. Brynn served as a part of the youth staff at The Refuge for almost four years and is now the youth pastor at the Harbor Church in Long Island, NY. Brynn’s loving and magnetic personality makes her a favorite among people of all ages. She also walks in a powerful anointing that makes her a profound woman of influence for the kingdom of God.

Session Description:
In this session, we will explore the difference between snapshots and stories. Snapshots get their power from the surrounding bigger picture, but they are not the full story. Just like the woman at the well in John 4, Jesus knows your story … and He doesn’t let the snapshot define you. He is weaving together your destiny; writing a bigger story over your life. It’s easy to take a snapshot of our lives and use it to define us, but God is calling us to His perspective to see that the snapshot is actually defined by His story.



Stories: The Life of a Confident Woman
Amanda Lotz

Amanda is an anointed and dynamic woman of God. She and her husband Eric are the lead youth pastors at The Refuge, where they have created a culture of revival among our youth. Amanda is an incredible wife, mom, leader, speaker, and pastor with a tender heart for people that can be seen in every context that she ministers in.

Session Description:
In a culture where women struggle with identity and find themselves in the trap of comparison, God is challenging us to find our fulfillment in Him. In this session, Amanda will share out of her journey as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother, and how the Lord recently challenged her feelings of inadequacy in these roles. We will also look at His word and find practical ways to fight the common battles of the mind that seem to attack women.



Stories: The Life of a Seasoned Minister
Melanie Stewart and Friends

Melanie is an incredibly special and gifted woman of God. She serves alongside her husband Jay as the co-lead pastor of The Refuge. Melanie is a woman of prayer and the Word and a spiritual mother to many. Her genuine heart and unique approach to the things of God draws people to explore the depths of the kingdom with her. Melanie has an amazing ability to take complex truths and apply them to everyday life through parables and stories.

Session Description:
The book of Ecclesiastes speaks to us about the beauty of seasons and times as well as the limitations found within them. While these limitations can be frustrating, we know that they serve to set eternity in our hearts. In this session, Melanie, along with some lady pastors from The Refuge staff, will share from their lives and talk about what it means to find God’s purposes through the different seasons of life.



Stories: The Life of an Overcomer
Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany is a strong and profound woman of God whose very life defines the word ‘overcomer’. This past summer, Tiffany suffered a shark attack (resulting in the loss of her arm) while vacationing in the Bahamas with her husband James. The strength and beauty that the Lord has displayed through Tiffany (and her family) in the midst of this trial has been a testimony to many. Tiffany is a gifted author, worship leader, and speaker—who shares her message of hope, restoration, and a ‘wake up’ call for Christians to use the power that God has given us.

Session Description:
We have a choice to proclaim God's goodness even in the midst of the battle and when the circumstances around us are trying to dictate otherwise. In this session, Tiffany will share with you her own journey of reliance and trust in Jesus during a recent horrific accident. She will help teach you through her experience and God's Word who you are in Christ and the power we have in Him so we all can be overcomers.






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