Location: Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean
Capital City: Brasilia
Government: Federal Presidential Republic
Population: 204,259,812 (July 2015 est.)
Ethnic Groups: white 47.7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 43.1%, black 7.6%, Asian 1.1%, indigenous 0.4% (2010 est.)
Religion: Roman Catholic 64.6%, other Catholic 0.4%, Protestant 22.2% (includes Adventist 6.5%, Assembly of God 2.0%, Christian Congregation of Brazil 1.2%, Universal Kingdom of God 1.0%, other Protestant 11.5%), other Christian 0.7%, Spiritist 2.2%, other 1.4%, none 8%, unspecified 0.4% (2010 est.)
Language: Portuguese (official and most widely spoken language)
GDP Per Capita: $15,600 (2015 est.)
[The World Factbook]



Pastors Jean & Giuliana Gadotti pastor The Refuge (O Refugio) in São Bento Do Sul, SC Brazil. Our Brazilian Church Campus was planted in January of 2011 after the Gadottis moved to São Bento Do Sul after living in the USA for nearly 10 years. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Jean, Giuliana and their daughter Ana Giulia felt a call to southern Brazil where they then partnered with long time friends at The Refuge to plant a life giving church in the state of Santa Catarina.