We want people to contribute - People feel valuable when they are adding value.

We refuse to put people in positions in which they can't be successful. We value a person's heart and time too much to allow him or her to prepare, rehearse, and then not have their mic turned up because they're not able to contribute at the level we're requiring.


We want to uphold a standard of excellence - Perfectionism is a sickness; excellence is a standard.

We aren't looking for rock stars, but we do want to uphold a high standard of character and musicianship/vocal ability.


We want what God wants for this ministry - Talent or ability doesn't equal a calling.

Just because a person can do something, doesn't mean he or she is supposed to. Since we are a ministry, we not only evaluate natural ability, but then we pray as a leadership team and ask God for direction as to who should be in each position. We would be remiss to be led solely by a person's ability.



Please read through the following before applying to be a part of the worship team:

Band Description

Vocal Description

Worship Team Application Process

Worship Team Application



Please follow the link to apply to be a part of our production team:

Production Team Application