Formally know as Growth Track, “Next Steps” is an informative course designed to answer any questions that you may have about the History, Legacy and Core Values of the Refuge Church. Wherever you are in life, and whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow. Our motto is “being the church, and not just doing church”. Completing “Next Steps” is a requirement to becoming a Covenant Member of the Refuge Church.

During this 4-week experience our prayer is that you will be CHANGED as you grow in Christ. We pray that you will be CONNECTED by growing in relationships with others to collectively accomplish God’s purpose. We pray that you are CHALLENGED and equipped to effectively demonstrate the power and love of Christ to all you encounter.

Come and join our family as we impact our city, region, nation and the world!


Next Steps classes are held several times a year at each of our campuses; Kannapolis, Salisbury and Greensboro.


101 Church - An introduction to the ministry of The Refuge and clearly defined family dynamics, which includes our History, Vision, Mission, Governmental Structure and Membership Requirements.

201 Essentials - This class will guide you through the essential beliefs and practices for effective Christian living.

301 Connection - This class will explore the importance of community and serving, and the fulfillment that both bring to every Believer.

401 Mission - This class focuses on purpose and the power necessary to accomplish God’s purpose for your life. It helps to better define your personal mission, ministry and message. Highly recommended for every Believer….


Next Steps (Growth Track)