Takes Place Once A Year (At The End of August)

Swordplay is a Bible training tool we developed to help your child know God by knowing His Word. Our hope is that your child will develop a deep LOVE for God and His Word, and use what they know as a weapon and tool as they face life’s challenges. Each month we focus on concepts and verses from the Bible to memorize and study! Rewards are given to kids who memorize the material, and Swordplay “completers” are honored at a special ceremony at the end of the year. We pray Swordplay is a blessing to your Clubhouse Rocker, as they “Know the Word and Win the Battle.”


Takes Place Every Summer 

Staycation is a Refuge Kids' tradition, where families get together in the summer for 3 nights of family fun, fellowship, friendly competition, and growth together in the Lord! Kids compete for team and individual prizes while growing in God and bringing friends along to hear about God and experience the joyful life available in Him! Make plans to join us THIS summer! 

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