At The Refuge we believe people are most fulfilled when they follow Jesus’ example to serve. We want to offer space for people to engage their full potential by being able to use their God given gifts, talents, abilities, and passions to serve His Kingdom for His glory. We would love to help you find your place of ministry at The Refuge. Below are the iServe teams and applications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
The Mugshot (Coffee Shop)
The Mugshot offers a unique way to serve as it is a direct connection in helping our Refuge missionaries and serving the members of our church. It is a fast paced, people oriented, and missions focused team. Mugshot Team members serve at least once a month for one service. There are also opportunities throughout the week to serve as well as some special events. Roles include being a cashier, barista, or runner. We provide training so there is no experience necessary.
The Refuge Bookstore
Our SEEK bookstore offers a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere to serve in. Bookstore team members help customers locate books, suggest good titles, and offer friendly conversation. This is a great place to serve people in a more one on one environment. Team members do handle a register, along with some cash transactions. Team members serve at least one Sunday a month for at least one service.
Heaven's Touch (Nursing Home Visitation)
Heaven's Touch is an outreach ministry to Assisted Living Homes in the Concord and Salisbury areas. Each week Pastor Bill Russell (Director) and the Heaven's Touch volunteer teams visit several homes to lead the residents in worship, prayer and reading the Word. Heaven's Touch is in need of volunteers to accompany the team. Volunteer opportunities are as follows: singing, speaking, or just plain loving these precious people.
Facilities Team
The Facilities Team is a team of people that serve The Refuge in the way of keeping the facilities clean during our Sunday morning services and occasionally during special events. This includes things such as bathrooms, the children’s area, the concourse, and anything else that is a part of The Refuge building. With excellence, we make preparations to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our family and guests. Team members serve at least one Sunday a month for both services.
Our Usher Team gets the unique opportunity to meet almost every guest that comes into the auditorium. Usher team members greet people as they come in, help guests find a seat, collect the offering, and hand out any materials for the service. Team members serve at least one Sunday a month for at least one service.
Parking Lot Team
As a part of the Frontlines ministries at The Refuge, the Parking Lot Officers (PLOs) are a group of dedicated volunteers who represent the heart of the church. Through all types of conditions, our PLOs ensure the safety and security of our guests every single week, as well as extend the love of Christ by being the first to welcome guests to The Refuge. Parking Lot team members serve at least one Sunday a month for both services.
Greeter Team
As a part of the Frontlines ministries at The Refuge, the Greeter Team is comprised of an amazing group of people whose goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere at each service. Whether through opening doors, handing out touch cards, or offering a warm welcome, the Greeters make an incredible impact in people's lives each and every service. Greeter Team members serve at least one Sunday a month for both services.
Event Hospitality Team
The Event Hospitality Team is a “behind the scenes,” but impactful and necessary ministry. The team operates from a calendar of scheduled events. We work together for the setting up and tearing down (of tables, chairs, decorating, food preparation, serving of food, etc.). It is a beautiful opportunity to serve God on a touchable level and fulfill the call in Acts 6 to “wait tables”. Team members serve on an as needed basis depending on the special events calendar.
Refuge Kids Team
This ministry team is comprised of those who understand the importance of pouring into God's kids, His "greatest" ones. In the "Refuge Kids Area" (our physical space for our children's ministry), we have The Great Adventure (our ministry to 1st-5th graders) and Little Explorers, (our ministry to 0-5 year olds). We consider Refuge Kids the most fertile soil at The Refuge. We need workers who will aid in creating an atmosphere where kids feel loved and experience God's love as they learn from His word. Team members serve at least one Sunday a month for at least one service.
Weekday Volunteer Team
The Weekday Volunteer Team serves numerous functions that happen during the week at the Kannapolis and Salisbury campuses. This can range from event set up and breakdown, to runs to local vendors for supply pick up, to miscellaneous building maintenance projects … just to name a few. As you can imagine, there is much preparation during the week to establish excellence for our services and our weekday volunteers are an integral part of that.
Vertical Movement
Vertical Movement is our middle and high school ministries here at The Refuge. The Vertical Movement Team is made up of those who are excited to reach this next generation with the love of Jesus. We look at every volunteer as someone who God has placed in a student’s path to see as an example of who He is. We meet every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm and have many areas to serve. Whether it be a small group leader, van driver, lighting and sound tech, or setting up and tearing down, we need workers that carry God's heart and want to see a generation changed by the gospel.
Worship Arts
We exist to worship The Creator of heaven and earth. We long to worship in spirit and truth through the songs we sing, the notes we play, and the things we create. One of our core values here at The Refuge is: We are committed to creatively presenting the Gospel and to redeeming the arts. We have teams that actively pursue that core value in PRODUCTION, WORSHIP, VOCAL ENSEMBLE, DANCE, STAGE TEAM, etc.
General Application
Please feel free to contact our iServe Coordinator, Brittney Timberlake, HERE with any questions.